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Testimonials from Leadership Coaching Clients

Breandan has been a phenomenal leadership coach who has left a mark on my personal and professional development. He possesses an incredible combination of kindness, intelligence, and practical support. Whether it was navigating interpersonal dynamics or developing effective communication strategies, Breandan consistently offered practical and insightful support.

Breandan is non-judgmental, insightful, and empathetic as a coach. The result was that I had the freedom to be authentic. At the end of each coaching session, I felt that I had been heard, understood, and guided, and was clear on my next steps. Ultimately, I was grateful to learn, with Breandan’s help, that I could be more than one thing, more than one story. I would not hesitate to recommend him as a coach.

Breandan provided me with an excellent framework for working through a career pivot. I am always impressed by his preparation and thoughtfulness during our meetings. I look forward to additional sessions as I continue this journey.

I am incredibly grateful for the invaluable support I received from Breandan while he was my leadership coach. His wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in the realm of professional development has been instrumental in shaping my leadership skills. The constructive feedback provided by him has not only honed my strengths but has also empowered me to address areas for improvement with confidence. Breandan’s ability to navigate complex leadership scenarios and offer insightful perspectives has proven instrumental in my personal and professional growth. I am forever grateful to Breandan for his unwavering commitment and transformative impact on my leadership journey.

One of the most valuable parts of my Executive Masters at NYU was having coaching sessions with Breandan. His experience, preparation, intelligence, and equanimity were essential for this process to be successful. I felt heard, understood, and motivated. After sessions with Breandan, you leave with a very clear plan of how to face important decisions. I encourage every student and professional to seek leadership coaching sessions with Breandan.

Testimonials from Workshops and Classrooms

I found all of the topics in Breandan’s sessions useful – I especially appreciated universal design, language, and intersectionality. I wish we had more time so that we could dive even deeper!

Every single reading, assignment, video, discussion, case-study, and exercise was relevant and necessary. The level to which Professor Ward brought forward diversity, equity, and inclusion into every single topic in the most thoughtful ways was truly exemplary and every other professor should be made aware that this is how you do DEI!

Courses like this are the reason why people (particularly the younger generations) come to NYU, it is a shame that it is not more widely offered. This course exemplifies everything we claim to uphold on standards and values, so it really must be more widespread and compulsory.

Breandan’s class covered different topics than any other course I’ve taken, and I wish more people have the chance to engage with this course material! Thank you Breandan for leading such an engaging set of classes.

Prof. Ward was extremely gracious, collaborative, attentive and funny. He made a 9am-5pm class fly by. The readings were interesting and relevant, the topics all felt very current, and our discussions included both the theoretical and practical. This has easily been one of my favourite courses!

This is one of the best courses I’ve taken during my time at NYU. Professor Ward is incredibly well-spoken, well-thought out, and organized. He’s also open to feedback from students in real time and makes adjustments accordingly.

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