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Breandan Ward

Coaching, Consulting, Education

As a thought leader, educator, leadership coach and disability strategist, Breandan infuses his multifaceted roles with the values of connection, curiosity, and challenge. With a robust background blending academic insights and business acumen, Breandan’s career trajectory encompasses over 20 years of international cross-sector experience.

Known for his impact in Speaking and Keynotes, Breandan captivates audiences with compelling narratives and insightful presentations, drawing from over 15 years in investment banking in London and New York. Rising to global leadership roles amidst progressive sight loss due to an inherited retinal disease, he emerged as a recognised leader within the disability community, actively fostering awareness and challenging stigmas through initiatives with organisations like Dialogue in the Dark.

Key of success

Complementing his speaking engagements, Breandan excels in Consulting and Initiatives, guiding organisations towards disability-inclusive strategies. As an Adjunct Professor at New York University, he educates and inspires graduate students in disability-inclusive organisational strategies, enriching their perspectives with real-world experiences. Breandan’s approach to all change-making efforts is grounded in a philosophy that values practical, pluralist, and persuasive methodologies. He advocates learning by doing, learning through encounters, and deriving wisdom from experiences.  

holistic philosophy

This holistic philosophy shapes his Leadership Coaching, where he stimulates individual and organisational growth by emphasising the importance of translating and aligning espoused values into actual behaviours. Breandan’s journey, marked by resilience and a passion for fostering inclusive leadership, not only reflects in his professional endeavours but also in his dedication to teaching and his personal interests in running, languages, travel, and music.

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