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Breandan partners with colleges and universities to develop and deliver courses on disability, diversity, and inclusion in the higher education (HE) curriculum. This is a crucial upstream intervention designed to integrate these topics in mainstream education and support students to develop their knowledge and skills.

Some examples of recent courses developed and taught by Breandan include:

Disability, Policy and Leadership

Building an Accessible World

Advancements in awareness and understanding have led to greater equity and inclusion in society for people with disabilities and health conditions. Developments such as the establishment of Disability Studies as an interdisciplinary field in the 1980’s and the introduction of the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) in 1990 are key milestones in this journey. However, these achievements alone do not guarantee the extent of attitudinal and behavioural change needed within our communities and organizations to remove the barriers and prejudices that remain. Furthermore, how might our response to disability and health conditions be symptomatic of underlying beliefs or practices that compromise our impact as leaders and organizations more broadly?

As citizens, developing our knowledge and understanding of disability and health conditions is critical for us to build an inclusive society. As public service leaders, it will enable us to deliver more creative, effective, and lasting solutions for the organizations we lead and the public that we serve.

With an emphasis on developing both knowledge and practical skills, this two-day intensive course will provide a survey of the history, recent trends, and current topics that will enable public service professionals to become role models and leaders in the areas of disability, health conditions, and beyond.

Whether collaborating on a project, leading a team, or managing service delivery with or for people with disabilities and health conditions, the course will help students to achieve more inclusive impact in their organizations and communities. By reflecting on their own response to the topics, students will be able to identify implications and tangible actions to inform and transform their broader leadership and impact.

The Power of Diversity and Inclusion in Research

This course aims to examine the benefits of inclusive practice in research and innovation and how your identity can influence your viewpoint. Participants will identify how to build and expand the impact of their research or innovation, by including diverse audiences and perspectives in every stage. Identification of opportunities for inclusivity will make projects more impactful and increase the tangible contribution of their work to greater equity and social justice in society.

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

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